Monday, February 28, 2011

CommonWealth is dead. Long live whatever it's going to be called.

As noted last week, owner Jamie Leeds is selling CommonWealth Gastropub on Irving to focus on Hank's Oyster Bar and as of this past Sunday, CommonWealth is closed. It's going to be replaced by something similar run by Terry Cullen, who's also opening Lou's City Bar down the street.

According to Pete's Apizza owner Michael Wilkinson over on PoP, the new spot is going to have a bigger bar area, hardwood floors, and more mainstream food. I support the bigger bar, but let's hope they keep favorites like the Scotch eggs, fried olives, and chips. It was a nice brunch spot to.

I wouldn't mind if they did more with soccer matches, but not to the extent of say, Lucky Bar. More Indian-English stuff would be nice too, plus a cut in beer prices if you're going for the moon. Any changes you'd like to see?

And I assume the place was doing fine financially as there always seemed to be a big crowd.

We'll see what happens! I'm trying to get in touch with Cullen, and if I do I'll definitely report it here.

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  1. I'm with you on the fried olives and the Indian-English food! I love restaurants that offer something truly unique or rare in DC, like Pete's sobrillo or IHOP's celebrity-based reservation system.


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