Thursday, February 17, 2011

Commonwealth closing, opening with a new name

The internet is all abuzz that Commonwealth on Irving Street will be closing, then reopening under different ownership and a similar theme. Apparently owner Jamie Leeds is focusing on expanding Hank's Oyster Bar, and thus is selling.

It'll be closing at the end of the month and the new place, run by Terry Cullen's new Irving Street Restaurant Group, will plan to open in May. I don't know much about Cullen, apparently he works in real estate, according to a quick Google search.

Let's hope the new place maintains the same quality of food, which I've always enjoyed, and maybe sells its beers for a bit cheaper. They're fairly pricey.

Your thoughts? I know there were some varying opinions on the spot.


  1. I will miss it, but hopefully the new places as some improvements as you say. A real estate guy going into restaurants? Uh-oh. Let's hope it's not SYSCO food...

  2. So making room for another chain?

  3. I never liked the name or their approach to beer...only from commonwealths (Virginia, Mass, Penn) and England. With the near-future influx of breweries in DC (DC Brau, Chocolate City, 3 Stars), I hope they will start serving their beers when they come out.


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