Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Brothel busted at Georgia Avenue and Irving Street

 I've written about crime and brothels in the neighborhood before, usually people complaining about them but nothing happening to them. However, this nugget from the MPD 3D substation is a good one:
On February 5, 2011, members of the 3rd District Crime Suppression Unit executed a search warrant at 3105 Georgia Avenue, Northwest. As a result of the search warrant, fifteen people were arrested. Two individuals were arrested for Operating a Prostitution House and the remaining 13 were arrested for Solicitation/Prostitution.
I'm always surprised that there are brothels out there, but it's good they're getting shut down. Here's the place on Google Streetview. Looks like a random business of some kind.

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  1. Wow! my property Value is soaring now!

    I wonder if that anti-gentrification guy who always makes annoying comments here will think this is a bad thing
    "...damn these new people coming in our neighborhood complaining about crime and crap!"

  2. This anti-poverty/homelessness girl (and gentrifier) will make an annoying comment about how the men and women working at the brothel 1) no longer have a source of income, 2) no longer have a safe place to work out of, and possibly 3) if they were living in the brothel, they no longer have a place to live. Yes, it's illegal, but throwing them in jail and taking away from (let's assume) their much needed income is not the way to get sex workers off the stroll (and whether or not that should be the goal is a whole other matter).

  3. Sophie, that may be true, but you're assuming they're not being forced to work there. I've heard of other brothels in DC where the women are kidnapped from another country and forced to work there.

  4. If you look through the DC court records, you'll see that this has nothing to do with gentrification. The MPD have been targeting Georgia Avenue as a prostitution haven for years and years now. Good for them. If you want to be a Licensed Sex Professional, hop on a plane and move to Nevada. Don't do it somewhere where it's illegal.

  5. Andrew, not sure where you got that they're victims of human trafficking when it wasn't mentioned at all in the post. Does human trafficking exist? Absolutely. It just doesn't seem to be the case here. And if the sex workers were "forced" to work there it's probably due to their need for food, shelter, and their lack of a living wage.

    And Tom. If they're working as sex workers because they can't afford rent or their regular bills due to a myriad of reasons, how are they going to be able to afford the plane ticket to Nevada? Especially if they have children. That's a pretty unrealistic suggestion. I think it's even more unrealistic than my suggestion that companies limit their CEOs' pay in order to pay their employees living wages. Maybe then sex workers who feel forced by their economic status will have other alternatives.

  6. I didn't say they're victims of it, I said you're assuming they aren't. I don't know if they are or not, but it's happened before in DC.

    Here's a Post article mentioning a couple DC human trafficking groups, and there's the DC Human Trafficking Task Force, plus a bill was passed by the city council, and there's also the Polaris Project.






  7. To continue, I fully agree that people should be able to earn a living wage, but I don't think brothels should be allowed to be open either.

  8. That is one crappy-looking brothel.

  9. How does a brothel in your neighborhood affect you? Do you honestly believe they're working against their will? I pose these questions in a completely non-combative way....just curious.

  10. There's a lot of crime at them. For example, the first link in this post talks about some people trying to rob one and getting their fingers chopped off my machete. Not the neighbors I'm hoping for.

  11. Gotta agree with Andrew. I have no problem with sex workers if that is their chosen profession, but I wouldn't want a brothel near my home because of the other nefarious and criminal behavior that they seem to attract. Even if it were legalized, I wonder if those ancillary conditions would improve.


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