Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ANC1A website updated

Local Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A, which covers from about Harvard to Spring, recently got an updated website, thanks to commissioner Kent Boese, who also runs the great Park View, D.C. blog.

There's a new links section, plus the most recent meeting minutes, and info in "the Library" on voluntary agreements with local alcohol establishments -- voluntary agreements being deals the businesses negotiate with the ANC about things like operating hours and trash removal.

Always nice to see when the ANC sites have more than just the usual stuff on them.


  1. Strange. I can't find a link from the ANC page to the links page you refer to, though the direct link you offer definitely works.

    Seems like maybe the new page isn't finished yet?

  2. Try the heading "Neighborhood Links" in the menu at the left.


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