Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2 Dogs, 1 cat found: 14th & Randolph, 13th & Meridian, 13th & Spring

A few animals were found in the past couple of days. Let's hope they get back to their owners.

If you are missing a medium-sized, fluffy, gray cat somewhere in the general vicinity of 13th and Spring NW, please call me at 202-255-3928.
A stray dog was found Sunday, February 6th,2011 within the 3800 block of 14th St NW. He appears to be a medium sized, shepherd/chow chow mix within the ages of 5 years and 7 years. He is being held at the DC Animal Control Shelter 202576-6664(which is being run by the Washington Humane Society.) His i.d. number is 12351262. Please call in if he is your or if you know how he belongs to.
Woof  #2:
I just found a brown chihuahua (possibly mix) with a pink collar wandering around on the 1300 block on Meridian Place. I have not called the Humane Society yet. If anyone knows this dog or are missing a dog, please call me at 202-285-7279.


  1. I found the 2nd dog, the chihuahua from 1300 block of Meridian Place and ended up taking her to the NY Avenue shelter. There's a picture of her on PoP.

  2. There's a poster for a missing Chihuahua on 14th Street, in front of the Allegro, I think.


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