Thursday, January 20, 2011

Work progressing on pet store at 11th and Lamont

A few months ago I wrote about a pet store, Mr. Larry's, which is coming to 11th and Lamont. From his emails and comments, he seems like a really nice guy who is dedicated to pets. The other day I spotted a new sign and some lights in the windows, so it looks like things are coming along. He was looking at February 1, 2011, so we'll see how that looks.

There's also this sign, saying there's a master groomer coming as well.

Here's more from Mr. Larry, who posted this in the comments on the previous post:
Thanks for the "head-up" and your support! Target date is Feb. 1st 2011........Working on interior and new window front this month. I will carry 80% all-natural/organic food and of course my neighbors "favorites" and USA products. I'm very excited for this opportunity! Thanks againn for your support! Welcome any suggestions and feedback. I can be reached at e-mail Remember 10% of all sales goes to Pet 2 Vet, please check their web site!


  1. Awesome, welcome to the neighborhood!

  2. i wonder if they will stuff for aquatic pets as well? my turtle would be very happy...

  3. I love pets and pet stores. I have a bulldog whom I adore. But, pet stores always have pet food, and thus are magnets for rats. Yikes


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