Friday, January 28, 2011

Who's shoveling, who isn't?

A reader wrote in about places where the sidewalks aren't getting shoveled -- namely the CVS at 14th and Irving and the 14th and Girard Street Park, which is DC property. I've also noticed that some houses, especially ones on the corner, haven't shoveled their sidewalks. Maybe there's a good reason, like the residents are elderly, but folks really should be shoveling and helping those who can't. Renters are also required to shovel.

The law is that you're supposed to clear snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to your property within 8 hours of daylight after the snow stops.



  1. Cvs didnt shovel their petworth location either. That's crazy unacceptable.

  2. The BP station @ 14th & Euclid seems to have mended their ways this winter - after last winter's blizzards they just left beaten down ice paths on the sidewalk for days and days!


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