Thursday, January 27, 2011

A web (and smartphone-enabled) map of DC Snow Emergency Routes

UPDATE: Turns out these are not WMATA's snow emergency routes. Despite being called the same thing, and getting the link from a few people, WMATA actually has their own snow emergency routes, which I eventually found here. This map could still be used for whether you have to move your car, however -- as snow emergency routes are the first ones plowed and if you don't move your car you'll get a ticket. Sorry for the confusion, they don't really make it easy to find.

This morning, Metrobuses were only running on Snow Emergency Routes. It took me awhile to find a map, and when I did, I could only see the far upper left corner on my iPhone. Not too useful. So I created this Google Maps mashup of the Snow Emergency Routes. I drew them on my own (couldn't find them on DC's data catalog) so I'm not claiming they're 100% accurate -- let me know if you find any I missed.

View DC Snow Emergency Routes in a larger map

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