Thursday, January 6, 2011

Want to see some free college basketball? Check out Howard

Last weekend I went to the GW-Howard game at Howard University's Burr Gymnasium. And it was free! There aren't any ticket booths, so basically you just walk in and sit down.

Burr, at Georgia and Gresham (between Harvard and Girard) isn't a big gym and Howard isn't a good team this year, but if you were looking to do something inexpensive or fun for the family, check it out.

The crowd was quite small for the GW game, but since it's such a small place you're really close to the action and can hear the coaches and players talking, which is interesting. That can be funny too, like when GW's coach begged a player to please make one shot fake a game, after which he can shoot as much as he wants.

There's a snack bar with hot dogs, popcorn, drinks and such, and during time outs there was a DJ playing hip hop and funk. Pretty fun time for a Sunday afternoon. 

Here's Howard's full schedule. The MEAC conference season is starting soon, when Howard will play other HBCUs in the mid-Atlantic: Hampton, Norfolk State, Maryland-Eastern Shore, etc.

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  1. Watching paint dry is mo'fun than watching Howard attempt to play b-ball


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