Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Three Kings' Day celebration this past Sunday: animals on the sidewalk

This past Sunday was Epiphany, also celebrated as Three Kings' Day. Latin American Catholics in the neighborhood (and around the world) celebrate it with a big procession of people dressed as the Three Wise Men, Jesus, Joseph, and Mary, and more, complete with donkeys and sheep.

The procession goes down 14th and ended with a performance at the Gala Theatre, plus free churros and hot chocolate. A reader snapped this picture of the animals at 14th and Irving, and Mr. T in DC snapped some of the procession last year. The reader says more animals showed up a bit later.

Always like to see interesting cultural traditions like this.

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  1. i wonder if those militant robe wearing jews for jesus dudes that are alway yelling at non-black folks were pissed their spot got taken?


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