Monday, January 3, 2011

Paint-dripped graffiti on the sidewalk

Lately I've noticed a lot of what appears to be dripped paint graffiti around the neighborhood. The biggest group is at 13th and Irving, but I've seen some other parts around 13th Street.

It's strange, because it's paint directly on the sidewalk, so I'm not sure how you'd remove it. With regular tags you can just paint over it, but that doesn't seem like an option here.

It looks like LC is the main culprit, as that's the tag I've seen the most of with this paint thing. I've seen that tag around the neighborhood for years, mostly on light posts and such. I figured it was some kind of gang tag, but considering it's here with lots of other tags, maybe it's just some tagger.

It seems like there's more graffiti in general around the neighborhood too.

As always, make sure to report graffiti to the city, via To report things without an address, use "1300 block of Irving Street NW" or whatever block.


  1. Do you know whether the city government will remove graffiti from privately owned buildings? The 1400 block of Irving has a few new tags, but they're all on private apartments and stores.

  2. I think what happens is you report it like usual, and when you do you select private property or public property. If it's private they'll contact the owner and give them a form to approve it. But it's still worth reporting anyway since they can track where graffiti is happening.

  3. That building next to the alley - 1393 I think - is now covered. They need to get on it.

  4. I reported a case of graffiti near my house 13 months ago. shockingly it's still there*



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