Monday, January 10, 2011

New condos with retail coming to 14th and Florida

Thanks to Metrocentric, I learned that there's a new building with 30 condo units and street-level retail planned for 14th and Florida, from Douglas Development and R2L:Architects, although the project doesn't appear on any of their sites.

Not sure exactly where at the intersection this is going, but I hope it's the southeast corner with the empty used-car lot. I'm looking into it and will report more when I hear it.


  1. I've seen workers drilling in that lot and doing other mysterious construction worker stuff.

  2. November 2010 minutes from the ANC 1B meeting provide some details about that project (

    More specifically: The project will be a multi-unit residential building, market rate, with 8% of the units affordable housing. Estimated start of construction July 2011.

    -Lauren McKenzie
    Commissioner 1B09

  3. That is the old car lot where the Byron Peck mural currently hangs (Black Family Reunion).

    That rendering is pretty ugly. Bummer.

  4. Terribly Fugly looking building. However I'm all for higher density housing to help lower housing costs and demand overall in the city.


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