Monday, January 31, 2011

Interesting idea from a reader:

Got this email from a reader the other day. What do you think?
What if you purchase (or want to purchase) something that is too heavy to carry several blocks…like several bags of groceries or a boxed bookcase or tv stand?  Maybe you cannot afford a taxi and don’t have a car.  I live 8 blocks north of DCUSA. I have to push these things home in a shopping cart. Unfortunately my work hours only allow me to shop on the weekends (during daylight hours) which by then the sale items are mostly picked over or non-existent

So for all you folks who think this is silly and wasteful, form an escort service for shoppers and seniors to help then get their purchases home safely.

Stymied shopper…


  1. This seems like a service someone could offer using the Zipcar pickup truck parked on Meridian Place and 14th. It also sounds like the guys that stand outside of Giant all day and night offering rides and assistance with groceries should expand their territory to DCUSA. The problem there, of course, is parking. Seems like the best thing to do is walk to Giant, and say "meet me in front of DCUSA in 30-45 minutes." I have always found those guys to be helpful.

  2. This is a flawed premise.

    If you are purchasing something that heavy and/or bulky, you can probably afford the $5 it would take to hire a cab for eight blocks.

  3. This seems like ineffectual whining. There's this little thing called "The Internet." You can buy things off of it and have them delivered right to your door! Wow!

  4. +1000 to Annonymous #2.

  5. Wow - people are so very friendly! What a way to build a telling people they're lazy and stupid. What about older people who 1) need something big and bulky and can't load and unload to a taxi, 2) don't want to buy something without seeing it first (so won't buy from the internet), and 3) don't know they could go over to Giant to hire some stranger off the street to bring something into their home....

    Whatever happened to simple kindness? Oh, that's right, that would interfere with your OWN life...sorry.

  6. Anonymous @ 4:48 pm, you seem like one of those people who makes a show of doing seemingly good deeds so you can wear it on your sleeve.

    As for not being able to load/unload a taxi, ever heard of asking the driver for a hand then tipping accordingly?

    I know you're probably new to the city, but people have been living shopping in cities for generations. some of these things have been figured out.

  7. For small jobs or short trips, check out He's based in the NW area.

  8. If you can't afford a cab, you wouldn't be able to afford whatever this service would need to charge.


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