Friday, January 28, 2011

The (hopefully) final word on which bus routes run in snow

Photo by faceless b
Turns out the map I made yesterday does not actually show WMATA's snow emergency routes. Despite being called the same thing, and getting the link to the map from a few people, WMATA actually has their own snow emergency routes, which I eventually found here. Neither WMATA or DDOT actually provided a map or description in their press releases about buses only running on emergency routes.

The map could still be used for whether you have to move your car, however -- as snow emergency routes are required to be open -- if you park there, you'll get a ticket.

So in short, if there's a snow emergency, the 52, 54, and S2 buses will still be running in the neighborhood. The rest won't be.

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  1. Thanks for staying on top of this. I find it horrifying that none of the H buses stay open in deep snow. Washington Hospital Center has to stay open in any weather, but it's not safe to have the patients and employees just be stranded there.


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