Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Graham renews push to name park "Barack Hussein Obama Park"

Last year I wrote about Jim Graham's idea to rename the 14th and Girard Street Park (that's the official name) to Barack Hussein Obama Park. Nothing happened with that, but he's now reintroducing the bill to the DC Council. We'll see what comes of it. In 2009, "Graham stressed that Obama's middle name would also be included in the park's name. (During the campaign, Obama shied away from highlighting his middle name, but he used it when he was sworn in)."

In case it wasn't clear, this is the little park at the corner that was recently renovated.

I like the name personally. Any who knows, maybe the President will visit, as he has before. Your thoughts?


  1. Sigh. Eyeroll. Doesn't say much about the president if Jim Graham wants to name a park for him once rampant for loitering, public urination and nearby shootings.

    Doesn't he have more important items to bring to the council?!?

  2. Wouldn't it make more sense to wait until his term is over before we go naming parks after him. I like the president and all but let him have his term first....

  3. Never name something after a living person, let alone the sitting President.

    And I agree, Graham certainly has more important things he could be doing.

  4. I'm with Jon; never name something after a living person.

  5. where were you "never name something after a living person" types when they re-named our airport reagan national while ronald reagan was still alive?

    i hope you had your picket sign out then.


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