Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Broken bike rack at Park and 14th to be fixed

About a week ago I wrote about the broken bike rack and handrail on Park Road near the Sticky Fingers, where a car ran off the road and broke them. They had sat broken for a few months. It looks like the bike rack may actually be getting fixed soon, though the handrail is on private property so it's their responsibility.

I emailed Jim Graham, who emailed DDOT. Jim Sebastian of DDOT replied on January 12th that "DDOT will be replacing the bike racks within the next two weeks." So we'll see!


  1. You just don't get it. Don't want it fixed yet, gives up to much leverage.


  2. I swear, William is such a stooge! Such a blight on Columbia Heights.

  3. The sayings of Dr. Funkenstein often fit in situations like this:

    "Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow"

    "Mind Your Yants, because Someone Wants Your Mind"

    "The bigger the headache the bigger the pill, I'm the big pill baby"


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