Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1300 block of Kenyon: most interesting houses in the neighborhood?

The other day I was walking down Kenyon and noticed just how diverse and interesting the housing stock is -- there's all kinds of different rowhouses, really showing the variety of the neighborhood in a small spot.

Starting the corner of 13th, the north side of Kenyon features a row of duplex stone houses, which you don't see too often. On the south side, there's a Queen Anne (I guess) style house with a Tudor-ish wood addition I really like (note: I'm no architectural expert, feel free to correct me.)

Then a few doors down from that, there's a couple of rowhouses, one with an unusually big second floor window and art in the yard next to a bright purple one. Past the alley, there's some taller and also brightly-painted houses: green, maroon, and teal. Then you've got a funky, flat modern house with a round window (I'm never sure if that house is done or not).

Back on the north side, there's some smallish apartment buildings and then a stucco house with a porch. That house looks a lot like one I saw on a walking tour a few months ago. That house, on the west side 13th near Monroe, was said to have been one of the oldest houses in the neighborhood. Maybe this house on Kenyon is as old. It looks old, anyway. Past that house, there's a row of identical rowhouses with bay windows and porches and one bright green one in the middle. Then there's some more apartment buildings.

Back on the south side, there's a bunch of three story rowhouses, all with different kinds of brick or paint and various kinds of rooflines, plus some with arches over their door, and then you've got Kenyon Square, a big modern condo building. It's almost Columbia Heights in a brief one block walk.

Check out Google Streetview below or walk it yourself!

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  1. yeah that block of Keynon is my favorite! the house your featured (corner of 13th and kenyon) in the foto i think is multi-unit.

  2. Yeah, it's much more pleasant walking on the south side that the north. Those are mostly run down, multi-unit houses.

  3. What a great multi-faceted neighborhood!

  4. I totally agree. On the flip side, I vote we give the 1300 block of Harvard the ugly/weird award!


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