Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Work at DCUSA -- maybe a cell phone store?

I've gotten a few emails about this -- it looks like there's some kind of work going on in DCUSA, the space next to the main entrance. There's a ton of Verizon ads covering the windows, including an electronic one which is actually kind of cool.

The door to the space was open a few days ago and a guy was inside. I stuck my head in to ask what was going in. He said only "nothing" and was pretty gruff about it, which leads me to believe that something actually is going in. I don't know if that space will be a Verizon store or if they were just putting up ads, but it's possible. There's a T-Mobile store facing the Civic Plaza across the street.

I hope it's not, as a cell phone place is not the most vibrant retail spot we could have. Would be nice to get a bookstore or any number of things besides, say, a bank.

And I've also heard there's some cleaning up going on in the space between Mattress Discounters and the Vitamin Shoppe. Hmmm.

The old plans for DCUSA didn't have any proposed tenant for that space.

If you have any tips or questions, feel free to email me: newcolumbiaheights(at)gmail(dot)com.

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