Friday, December 10, 2010

Where are the Christmas lights in the neighborhood?

I've noticed a disturbing trend this holiday season: a lack of Christmas lights. Last year friends and I walked around looking at the different done-up houses, but this year I've seen almost none aside from a couple of decorated trees.

The only big display I've seen is the house on 11th between Monroe and Otis, which has a bunch of huge, inflatable things: Santa in a race car, a motorized carousel, and some other things (pictured here). That place did the same thing last year, and for that, I commend them.

I wonder why there are fewer displays out there? Maybe the economy is affecting people, so they don't want to spend less on electricity bills and lights? Or maybe we're all just Scrooges.

Have you seen any nice displays? Where!?


  1. The big display on 13st St. between Monroe and Otis is up again! It's the same townhouse where they play music and have the lights on until pretty late. My dad texted me and told me that they were up.

    I love this display, personally. Something so magical about hearing soft Christmas carols drift in through the window.

  2. Check out Euclid Street between 11th and Sherman Ave. We've got an arms race on the north side of the street.

  3. north side of Parkwood just east of 14th.


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