Friday, December 31, 2010

What's happening for New Year's Eve in the neighborhood?

New Year's Eve is upon us: some people live for it, some think it's amateur night. But here's what I've found of what's happening in the neighborhood.

The Red Derby generally does nothing except a champagne toast (no cover or dress code), so that's a good spot if you don't want dressed-up folks and hullaballoo. Same with Wonderland, generally pretty chill. I would assume the Looking Glass is the same way.

The new sports bar next to Looking Glass, the Blue Banana, is also doing the no cover, no dress code, and a champagne toast at midnight thing.

Meridian Pint is a little fancier, with no cover but a three-course prix fixe menu, plus a complimentary rare beer toast at midnight. They also have late night breakfast until 3 am, which sounds awesome.

I'm not too sure what Room 11 or Commonwealth are doing, anyone know?

And what are your plans?


  1. Don't know but red derby rooftop is open tonight for NYE...

  2. Public Service Announcement: If you're hitting any of the above locations and either don't have a ride, can't/shouldn't drive, or can't find a cab please come to BloomBars, where we'll be screening audience-selected movies on our big-screen from 2:30 till 6:00 am.


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