Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vintage store on Fairmont having their grand opening on Saturday

Hella Tuff, a "basement boutique" at 1200 Fairmont Street NW, is having their grand opening this Saturday from 11am-5pm. It sounds pretty fun, and I'm always happy to see cool new retail like this coming to the neighborhood.

Here's the details, their website, and a Facebook invite:
Come celebrate the launch of Hella Tuff Vintage's new space with a huge shopping party! Drinks! Snacks! DJ's! Bands! Fun!

The shop is overflowing with amazing goodies! Racks of dresses, skirts, furs, blouses, leather, t-shits, western shirts, gowns, sweaters, blazers and more! Mens and women's! Shoes, scarves, hats, Coach purses, wallets, socks, suspenders!

Kitchenwares, vintage plates, cups, kettles, dinner sets, aprons, table clothes, serving platters, and ice cream makers!

Knick knacks galore from old 60's phones to type writers to record players to antique cameras.

Everything is one of a kind, so don't miss out!
After the 11th, the shop will be open Monday and Wednesday from 6pm-9pm, and Saturday from 10am-1pm.


  1. One can never have too many t-shits!


  2. If they plan to be a store, hopefully they've fulfilled all the requirements at


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