Monday, December 6, 2010

Rough few days for pedestrians in the area

Be careful out there: last Wednesday night two people were hit by vehicles; one was a Metro bus, another a taxicab. The bus incident was at 16th and Spring Place NW at 10 pm, a block south of Spring Road. The bus didn't have any passengers, and Metro reports that the man ran in front of the bus. The man had non-life threatening injuries. At 11 pm, a taxi struck a man at Harvard and Columbia in Adams Morgan, but there weren't any more details.

It's tough to say who is at fault in the second incident, but both serve as examples of why you should be careful out there and don't run across the street when it's not a crosswalk with a walk signal -- I see that a lot on 14th Street.

Unfortunately, the 14th/Park/Kenyon intersection never makes any sense for pedestrians: it seems like the lights are all red and no cars are going, and yet there are only don't walk signals, so people just start crossing. I'm surprised there haven't been more accidents there between pedestrians and vehicles.

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  1. I live a few houses south of Spring Pl and 16th. People are crossing the street all the time (I do it sometimes myself, but usually much more careful about it than most).

    I mean, it's astonishing how frequent people walk across 16th right there and with such bravery and stupidity. Many times people just walk into the street expecting that the fast approaching car or bus will just stop for them.

    Problem is the Woodner is right there, and with a 1,000+ unit building, it has a lot of foot traffic. A major bus stop is also at the corner of Spring Pl and 16th, so people are usually rushing across the street for the bus.

    There isn't a light at Spring Pl. There is a light at Spring Rd, a small block North, and a light at Oak st, a very LONG block South. Some people walk to Spring St to cross the street (usually what I do) but the vast majority of people don't, and it's just simply not gonna change.

    With out any hard scientific study, I'd say, best guess, is that you get about 5-15 people crossing 16th with out a walk sign every 10 minutes. Why they haven't installed a cross walk sign there is anyone's guess. This won't be the last time a pedestrian gets hit there.


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