Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nice Christmas story: presents delivered by somebody to the right address

Just when you thought all the post-Christmas news was bad (car fires, travel problems, etc.) here's a nice one from the Columbia Heights listserve:
On Christmas Day, some friends asked me if I had received their Christmas gift which was to be delivered by FedEx on Christmas Eve.  Alas, no gift was to be found despite assurances from FedEx that it had been delivered.
This afternoon, the package arrived on my doorstep thanks to a Columbia Heights neighbor.  Apparently the package had been mislabeled for delivery about six blocks away from my place.  The person who received it was kind enough to do the research to find out where I live and to deliver the package.
Getting the gift was great.  Knowing that we have good neighbors like that in Columbia Heights is priceless.
I don't know who you are, Santa.  But thanks!

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