Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Local art space BloomBars in need of donations

Local art space BloomBars, a non-profit spot just north of Wonderland that hosts music, poetry, art, and more, is having a tough time lately when it comes to fundraising. "Like a lot of folks, we're hurting," said BloomBars founder John Chambers to DCist. "Our immediate need for funds is critical."

They've done a lot of good stuff, so help them out. For example, most of the arts posts on this blog are about BloomBars events. Take a look:

Dear Friends of BloomBars,
In a matter of days, we may be facing a world without BloomBars.
No more guitar lessons for kids every Sunday. No more impromptu jam sessions among new friends at Cipherstock. No more open mics for high school students and other artists honing their crafts as poets, musicians, comedians and storytellers in a supportive, alcohol-free, all-ages space. And no more music wafting out of our double-doors into the streets of Columbia Heights, welcoming neighbors and passerby to share the experience.
Please take 3 minutes to make a tax-deductible online donation to BloomBars to help us prevent this from becoming a reality. BloomBars is calling on people like you, who believe that art can transform communities and change lives, to donate now and stay in our home!
How often do you see children as young as 5 performing at an open mic? Or youth at a Saturday night rock concert bonding with the musicians during sound check? Or high school teachers sharing their poetry at an event attended primarily by their (cheering) students?
How often do you see people from all over the city and world-- regardless of age, race, or income-- come together and give a stranger a hug after listening to local musicians?
There aren't many places where cultural, generational, and socioeconomic diversity come together in a physical space-- particularly not around the arts. The simple choice to provide an alcohol-free, all-ages space for learning, performing, and engaging with each other has had amazing effects.
Without your support today our ability to keep growing (and the doors open) is in jeopardy.
I’ve heard BloomBars called a “venue.” It is not. It is you. It is me. It is our community. And its future is not guaranteed. Please, help us continue planting seeds.We are counting on your support and your help in spreading the word!
Until Soon, Keep Blooming.
John R. Chambers
Chief Executive Gardener

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