Friday, December 3, 2010

Interesting wheat pastes in the neighborhood

Lately I've spotted a series of wheat-pasted pictures on electrical boxes, lamp posts, and such around the neighborhood: various pictures of people, plus the addition of some QR codes, the funny looking patterns, which are similar to UPC codes. A lot of smart phones have apps where you can scan them and it goes to a website or plays a song or something. I'm guessing they're related, but not sure who is putting them up aside from a band that plays "psychedelic doo-wop metal."

Anyone scanned these to see what they are?


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  2. Both of those link to a site for a band called 'Mother' (the pictures you posted were good enough to scan the QR code off the monitor). Didn't listen to the song, since I'm at my desk, but good way to market.

  3. I took it into photoshop and enhanced the code. It takes you to...

    You can see my write up on my blog:


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