Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fancy corner store: Sonya's Market going upscale?

Just got a tip from a reader that Sonya's Market, the corner store/bodega at 11th and Harvard, has added some new, fancier items: things like prosciutto, artichoke hearts, and soy milk. The reader notes they are more expensive than Giant on most things, but then you're paying for convenience.

This is an interesting phenomenon though, the usually mostly identical corner stores starting to change their selections to reflect the neighborhood. I would guess we'll continue to see more of this sort of specialization and adaptation. This sort of thing happened on U Street too, where the Best DC Supermarket went from being your average, drab independent supermarket to getting refurbished and selling fancier items as the clientele in the area changed.

I wrote about Sonya's before in my Beer Run series, where I check out the beer selection of corner stores. They were a bit high then too.


  1. ...reminds me of the 2008 elections about putting lipstick on a pig...

  2. Dropped into Sonya's Market for the first time last night (I'm new to the neighborhood) and thought they had a decent wine selection with fair prices - much better than the market at the corner of 11th and Fairmont (which closes way to early in my opinion).

  3. Much like the 13th Street Market at 13 and Otis.

  4. SNT Market > Sonya's.

  5. This place is a few blocks away from our Capoiera school at Bloombars. Sonya's is not a very big market, but the owner is very nice and they seem to fit a surprising amount of stuff in there. Proscuito and Soy milk? Wow, this neighborhood really is improving!


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