Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Duck and cover: Fallout shelters in the neighborhood

Remember fallout shelters? Those Cold War-era buildings where you were supposed to flee to get out of the radioactive fallout generated when the Russkies nuked us? Some interested folks in DC have started tracking where the fallout shelter signs are and were around the city, and there are quite a few in our area. Many of the buildings have since been replaced, but some still exist.

They started a website called District Fallout, and Greater Greater Washington has a long post from one of the organizers. They even created a web map tracking where signs are or were: the yellow ones are signs that still exist. Looks like there's one on the La Casa building and a few others in our area. Red is no sign there, and blue is unknown.

View Fallout Shelters in the District of Columbia in a larger map

There's also a news item about the effort from RT, aka Russia Today, a Russia-centric news service which you can get on Comcast. (And oddly, I used to work with Bill Brown, who they interview.) They even mention the video game Fallout 3, which took place in a post-nuclear apocalypse DC.

H/T to Park View DC for writing about this first.


  1. The Irving Station condominiums, at 1361 Irving Street NW used to have a fallout shelter sign on the front, but it has since been removed. Apparently the fallout shelter was in the basement, which is now divided into 4 condo units. Photo:

    -Mr. T in DC


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