Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Columbia Heights on TV, sort of, in Lie to Me

We're famous, kind of. My buddy was watching the Fox show Lie to Me a couple of days ago, which stars Tim Roth as a DC-based psychologist who can tell when people are lying. There was a mention of Columbia Heights at the beginning of the episode called "Veronica," when a woman gets hit by a car and says she lives at "105 Addison, Columbia Heights." You can actually watch the episode online -- the neighborhood gets mentioned about a minute in.

Of course, there is no 105 Addison in Columbia Heights or even an Addison in DC at all. Even if there were, 105 would presumably be pretty close to North Capitol Street, and thus not in Columbia Heights. They drive to the address, which is this art gallery. From the rest of the show, it doesn't look like they shoot much in DC, which is too bad. It would be cool to have an art gallery in the neighborhood, however.

While I appreciate the mention of the neighborhood, it's kind of annoying that they couldn't take 10 seconds and find an actual street on Google Maps. Maybe it's for liability reasons or something, but it's not like people are going to go camp out at some random address mentioned on Lie to Me. But in any case, kind of neat that we're getting mentioned.


  1. I would most likely think it is for liability reasons. Bones does this all the time with addresses and places in general/ They would def know things like Takoma Park isn't an actual big open park too as a bunch of the writers are AU grads and make little references to it all the time.

  2. Incidentally, Addison would also, presumably, be in Petworth, given the three syllables. For what it's worth (not much!).

  3. It's akin to TV making all phone numbers 555-XXXX. They started that back in he 1950s to keep people from dialing the numbers mentioned on a show.


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