Friday, December 17, 2010

Blue Banana sports bar next to Looking Glass opening early next week

About a month ago I wrote that the Blue Banana sports bar was about to open. The spot, then called the Green Room, is on Georgia Avenue next to the Looking Glass Lounge. And now the Post reports it will be open on Monday or Tuesday. It was supposed to open today, but they had some delivery problems.

It's a pretty small spot (see right) and the Post says it's really trying to be a neighborhood sports bar, with 10 TVs on the walls and a dozen beers on tap from $5-$7. Thursdays are half price beer, which is pretty sweet. They also plan to have a sort of membership system where if you live nearby you can get a card that entitles you to certain deals and specials. There's also a small stage in front, and they plan to have cover bands play there.

I'm pretty happy to see a traditional (hopefully) sports bar in the neighborhood, as otherwise you have to go to somewhere like Ventnor in Adams Morgan. Meridian Pint is sort of a sports bar, but not really.

As for the name Blue Banana, it comes from the movie Pretty Woman, as that was the name of the bar where the hookers hung out. Kind of a weird choice for a sports bar, but hey.

They have a new website too. They're located at 3632 Georgia Ave NW.

Photo by Kent at Park View DC


  1. Do you have any contact info for them regarding booking bands? Their website is fairly lacking right now.

  2. You know, Tonic on Mt. Pleasant has become quite the sports joint.

  3. Yeah, not much on the site. I was going to ask the same regarding booking DJs.


    Hope everyone has a grand holiday season!!


  5. For booking bands/dj's email Someone will definitely get back to you. Also the website will go live sometime in January. - BB Staff.


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