Monday, December 13, 2010

A bit more on tonight's Christmas tree lighting

A few people contacted me about tonight's Christmas tree lighting tonight at 6 pm, as there weren't many details about it on the internet. Turns out it's being organized by the District Church, a new church in Columbia Heights. Here's more about it from them:
Just wanted to let you know that it's been us at The District Church who've been working with the city to organize the Christmas tree (and lighting) at the Columbia Heights Plaza. We just started a church in the neighborhood a couple months ago, and thought it'd be a perfect location to bring folks together for some good ol' Christmas/holiday cheer!
The reason you haven't seen much publicity anywhere is that we've been working to make sure that it was lined up first--the plan is to distribute fliers and postcards around the area this weekend.
As mentioned, the tree will be on the Civic Plaza, at 14th/Park/Kenyon. Personally I think it's a neat idea, but you could make an argument that this is a religious emblem, which I think some folks on PoP said -- your thoughts?


  1. I mean, the white house has one.... maybe this one just needs a token menorah placed somewhere nearby :)

  2. I'm not christian, but as long as other religions aren't blocked from also having their symbols/festivals around, then i think it's nice. I don't even think they should require the symbols, just make similar privileges available to everyone.

  3. We went to the lighting tonight and it was great. E.L Haynes students sang carols, free hot chocolate and nice community feel. I talked to one of the organizers - nice guy.

  4. A Christmas tree is not a religious symbol. It has no theological or liturgical symbolism or meaning. It is simply a festive holiday decoration. By contrast, a nativity or a minorah are religious symbols. Fr. Doug

  5. How is a Christmas Tree not a religious symbol when it's named after Christ and erected to celebrate a holiday celebrating Christ? Doesn't make sense to me to say it's not a religious symbol.

  6. I think it's like the Easter bunny isn't a religious symbol. The tree is named a Christmas tree coz it gets put up at Christmas, but how many folks commemorate Jesus even though they own a tree? Likewise, how many folks celebrate Easter with chocolate and bunnies and not Jesus?


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