Monday, November 8, 2010

What's that great bakery smell at 11th and Lamont?

If you've ever been around 11th and Lamont, you've probably gotten a whiff of something sweet and baked wafting through the air. I've noticed it at the Room 11 patio often, and it sometimes makes its way down to Wonderland. It always smells pretty great, and tends to make everyone who smells it hungry.

Turns out the smell is coming from the Panaderia El Latino Bakery at 3314 11th Street NW, a couple of doors north of Lamont. It's a Latin American bakery that sells items to stores and restaurants around the area, though you can actually buy individual items from them too.

I can't find much about the place online, Here's their website, and the baked goods do smell pretty great. Anyone eaten there?


  1. I haven't had a chance to purchase any of their baked goods but boy do they smell good! Makes me so hungry every time I pass by. I've noticed that on weekday afternoons they bake some sort of apple tart. Delish!

  2. I smell that place all the time while running down 11th. It always smells so great, making me run home faster to start cooking dinner!

  3. Website is under construction:

  4. i have purchased the baked goods from there numerous times. The sweet pineapple empanada looking things are great and so are there rolls. oh and spanish or good pointing skills is needed.

  5. They smell better than they taste, but they're okay. I buy conchas from them when I'm in the mood, the price is definitely right. Decent, not great. What you'd expect from mass produced baked goods intended for convenience stores and markets.


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