Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Voting problems at Columbia Heights polling place?

Just got this email about some issues at the Mt. Rona Baptist Church polling place at 13th and Monroe. Anyone else had similar issues?
My partner and I live within walking distance of St. Mona [Ed: Mt. Rona] Baptist Church in Columbia Heights (Ward 1). 
We both went to vote this morning.
We both had in our hand our election voting cards mailed to us by the DC Board of elections.
I have been voting in DC in the past 3 elections. They found my name on the roster and I voted without a problem.
This was the first year of voting for my partner.  They could not locate his name on the roster and thus made him go back to the special ballot table.

The worker spent a very long time trying to type his information into the computer -- so long in fact we had to go. 
So they gave him a new registration form and told him to fill it out and bring it back at a later time.
What's the purpose of this when the Board of Election already got his registration form and mailed him a voting card?
Why was his name not on the voting roster?

In the end my partner never got the chance to vote. 


  1. I had a similar issue in the primary voting at Trinity AME Zion. I have been registered to vote since 2008, although I had moved since the last time I voted and changed my registration to reflect that. I went to the polling place with registration card in hand (with current address) and they had no record of me. The computer was down so they had me fill out a new registration and file a same-day-registration ballot. I checked the board of election website after and indeed I was not there, despite having voted before at a different precinct. a few weeks later I got a new registration in the mail with a different registration number, so I guess I am somewhere in the system twice with the same name and address. hopefully this doesn't cause problems. Anyway, this morning when I went to vote I was on their records and everything went smoothly.

  2. I had this exact same problem. I moved in the the neighborhood in April and changed my info during the Primary, but they had no record of that change, even though I had a new voting card. I was pissed and the people who worked at my polling station (Latin American Youth Center) were totally clueless. They wanted me to vote with a provisional, I refused and made them give me a special ballot.

  3. I'm adding this account to our election problems map. We'll see if any other issues are reported in that area. (The map is here: http://dcelection.crowdmap.com/)

  4. I used the electronic voting machine at the Bell Multicultural High School this morning. I was registered and on the list, but the e-ballot clerk selected the wrong district for me - I only noticed when we got to the ANC and didn't recognize the candidate's name. We ended up clearing my selections and found someone in line that was voting in that particular district, so it ended up fine, but I think it shows that BOEE needs to be doing a better job at training the poll workers and ensuring they are taking their jobs seriously. I wonder how many people this happens to that wouldn't have even noticed.

  5. Had no problems voting at Trinity AME. I was on the list, and was able to vote on the touch pad (I was surprised there was only one touch pad vs. tons of manual voting stations). The man at the touch pad very clearly pressed the right district and had me verify it before he moved away to let me vote.


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