Monday, November 8, 2010

There's a Columbia Heights in Arlington??

Just spotted something annoying in the Post: apparently there's a Columbia Heights neighborhood in Arlington, off Columbia Pike. Those Arlington jerks, trying to hone in on our good name -- seriously, Arlington, this isn't the Canadian Football League.

I believe the name of the neighborhood came from Columbia Pike, while ours, as you may remember, got its name from Columbian College, which moved to Foggy Bottom and became GW.

Arlington's website has more about the neighborhood, which sounds a lot like our hood, the real Columbia Heights:
The three primary advantages of living in our neighborhood, as noted by participants in our community survey, were:
  • Convenience and access to a variety of shopping and retail establishments (39%).
  • Proximity to Washington, D.C., and living close to the city (34%).
  • Access to public transportation and major roads (27%).
Other advantages noted by residents included:
  • Diversity of the population
  • Safe neighborhood, on some streets
  • Neighborhood/community feeling in some community

I also found a history of the area, which talks a bit about the Civil War, and the neighborhood has a civic association (and even a West Columbia Heights Civic Association.)

Interesting stuff. Of course, there's also a Columbia Heights, Minnesota and not one but two in New York City.

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  1. don't sweat this.

    there's also a bar on columbia pike called L.A. Bar. does the L.A. stand for los angeles? no, 'lower arlington.'

    so, there's a lot of dumber stuff than columbia heights west.

    let's all just go to cinema drafthouse for $1 movies on monday and call it even.


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