Thursday, November 11, 2010

Social is closed "temporarily"

Yesterday the news broke that Social, the restaurant and bar at 14th and Meridian, was closed "indefinitely." Today, their website says "Social is closed temporarily while we address organizational changes. We look forward to serving our patrons and the community again soon."

DCist reported yesterday the closure was due to taxes and ownership issues. It seemed like the place was popular enough, especially the downstairs bar, though I always thought the upstairs restaurant area was kind of strange -- an odd vibe that didn't really seem to work for me. Tim Carman at the City Paper also wasn't a big fan of the place -- in fact, he actually wrote a blog post debating whether to give it a bad review or just ignore it. The downstairs bar seemed fine though, and I knew a few folks who went there quite often. 

We'll see when (or if) the place reopens. I've reached out to them, but like DCist and the City Paper, haven't gotten a response. 


  1. If you do get a chance to speak with them, ask how many of their 1,498 groupon's (roughly $30,000) are still outstanding and if they plan to enforce the 01/01/11 expiration date.

  2. I had a unused Groupon and sent them a link to the article and the refunded my money.

  3. Ugh. The Social website still plays that awful music!


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