Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pet supply store coming to 11th and Lamont

Looks like pet owners will have a new spot to go to pick up what their critters need: I saw this sign at 3303 11th Street NW, at Lamont right next to Arthur's Grocery. If you can't read it, it says "Mr. Larry's Pet Supply Store, Coming Soon."

Not sure what the timeline is, but he does have a website. You have to like his attitude:
Known as Mr. Larry and owner of Libra (my dog) have lived in the D.C. area all of my life and in Columbia Heights the last 11 years.........have watched the changes in the area and I want to be a part of it!  I want to provide a service to the area,thus Mr.Larry's Pet Supply Store.  Feel free to tell me what you want and need!
I  would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
I hope he succeeds. There's also a contact form. It does seem like a good idea, as I don't know of any other pet supply stores nearby, other than the one across from the Convention Center at about 9th and M, and there are certainly a lot of local residents with pets.

11th Street is really booming lately, with Meridian Pint opening, plus the incoming Mexican spot a door up from this location. 3303 11th has been a few things before, like the Black Minority League and a firearms training place (or at least a place that advertised firearms training).


  1. There's a Petco (?) just across the park by the Friendship Heights metro in that same little strip mall with the Magruders and the California Tortilla. I'm not a serious pet supplies buyer (my cat thrives on benign neglect) but every once in awhile you do need something... I just wonder if the Target pet aisle will take all their potential business.

  2. Farrar, you mean the Cleveland Heights metro, but yes, there's a Petco there. I got my dog groomed there last week, and he looks sharp. But since I don't have a car and hate waiting for the H buses when the weather's bad, I'll probably walk over to Mr. Larry's for my pet supplies.

  3. Thanks for the "head-up" and your support! Target date is Feb. 1st 2011........Working on interior and new window front this month. I will carry 80% all-natural/organic food and of course my neighbors "favorites" and USA products. I'm very excited for this opportunity! Thanks againn for your support! Welcome any suggestions and feedback. I can be reached at e-mail Remember 10% of all sales goes to Pet 2 Vet, please check their web site!


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