Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Twitter/text delivery empanada business coming to 14th Street

An example of Mendoza-style empanadas
This is interesting. I've gotten a couple messages lately from a new food vendor with a unique business model. It's called Empanadas on 14th and opens on Saturday. Here's how it works, from a Twitter message they sent me:
Have delivery locations (a la bus stops) on 14th St. Pay w PayPal. Use text/twitter when empanadas package delivered. Website in progress.
The Twitter account explains that they only do it on Saturday night, so I'm guessing they're serving the bar crowd. It seem that when you order, they come to a certain spot on 14th, and you pick it up. It's sort of a hybrid food truck/delivery business.

As for the food, it's going to be Mendoza, Argentina-style empanadas, which are baked rather than fried like many empanadas. They look and sound pretty delicious.

It'll be interesting to see more about how it works, and I'll update as I hear more.

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