Friday, November 12, 2010

New literary magazine launch party on Sunday

Just got this about a new literary magazine. Some Columbia Heights folks are involved with it (and ANC candidate Gavin Holland will be spinning) and it sounds pretty neat. Here's the details for their launch party:
This Sunday from 7-10pm on the upper deck of the Marvin, join the editorial board of D.C.'s new literary journal "The Folly" for a launch party as multifold and unhinged as the city we call home. The Folly will compile and revel in the written word of D.C. - poetry, humor, fiction, and forms unlabeled; its name, a tribute to the wonderful mistake of a creative life. Sponsored by Flying Dog Ales, Tito's Vodka and Gibson Guitars, the launch party will feature DJ Gavin Holland and assorted alcoho-literary diversions. Sunday night: Read, drink, and be merry.

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