Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Green Room bar on Georgia Avenue making progress

The folks over at the Park View DC blog have been all over the Green Room, a new bar going in next to the Looking Glass Lounge at 3632 Georgia Ave NW. It's planned as a higher-end sports lounge, and there will be a back outdoor seating area as well. It's supposed to open mid-this month, but who knows when it comes to permits and stuff.

Interestingly, the bar itself inside will be called the Blue Banana, which is the name of the bar in the movie Pretty Woman. Not really sure how Pretty Woman fits in with a sports bar theme, but hey.

The building used to be abandoned, and in fact some friends and I used to play bocce and redneck golf in the back area. There was actually astroturf there to play on.

The photo above is from the most recent update, and it looks just about finished.

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