Monday, November 22, 2010

First impressions of IHOP (but not the food)

Sunday morning a friend and I decided to check out the new IHOP at DCUSA, which had its soft opening on the 16th. Apparently lots of other folks had the same idea, as it was packed. It was also pretty confusing.

You walk in and the small entryway is full of people. Then there are two cash registers with people hovering around them, and lots of staff going back and forth. We stood there for a minute and nobody talked to us, then we noticed there was a stand with a hostess at it, so we went over and spoke to her. She said it was a 30 minute wait, which was too long for us. So we left.

Not the best intro the place, but I suppose everywhere is jammed when they open. A few things I noticed though: you can get take-out, and they aren't yet open 24 hours. At the cash register station a bunch of people were waiting to get their take-out food, which is a pretty good idea.

As for being open 24 hours, a sign on the window said they'd start that next weekend.

Something else I had my eye on: a got a Twitter message saying the staff wasn't diverse, but that didn't seem to be the case on this visit.

Hopefully soon enough I'll be able to have some food.


  1. Went there Sunday night, still pretty packed but got seated after a 15-20 minute wait. Food was good especially considering it's an IHOP. Wait staff tried their best and were very friendly but they were very scatterbrained and couldn't remember/find all the items of our food orders. I think they could've used more training but hopefully after a few weeks of trial by fire things will go smoother.

  2. You didn't notice the staff's lack of diversity?

    The 2000 census figures for Columbia Heights:
    58 percent African American population; 34 percent Hispanic population; 5.4 percent white population; and 3.1 percent other.

    How does IHOP's staff break down along race/ethnic lines? Be fair and objective.

  3. I went some time last week, at a time when it was busy but not packed. The staff had mostly no idea what they were doing, but they were all very eager to make sure I was having a good experience.

    If the staff that I interacted with sticks around, I think they'll do great.

  4. We went around 9am on Saturday and there was a 15min wait for our two top. Service was great, very friendly and efficient. Food was IHOP, you get what you expect.
    As to anon, what are you talking about? I'm sure their entire kitchen is Latino, and their entire FOH is black. Do you think someone working as a server at IHOP could even afford to live in CH? Give me a break.

  5. Anonymous #1 walks in and the only thing he focuses on is race. That makes him a racist.


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