Monday, November 15, 2010

Does the Staples legal documents section represent the neighborhood?

I was at the DCUSA Staples for the first time ever this weekend looking for some supplies, and noticed a funny section of legal documents. To me, some of them represent the neighborhood: there's a lot on real estate, which makes sense, as our neighborhood has a lot of retail, apartments, condos, and group houses: among others, there's landlording (which I didn't know was a word), commercial lease, residential lease, and "Notice to Pay Rent or Quit," forcing people to live their apartment.

There's also others though, on things like divorce, wills, and bankruptcy. Hopefully those don't represent the neighborhood as much.

Not sure if they are DC-specific or just general, as Flickr user Mr. T in DC pointed out, but I guess if you need any of these things, here's the place to go. Hopefully you will never need the divorce or Pay Rent or Quit ones.

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  1. What a curious use of the word "represent." Are you suggesting that CoHi residents are immortal, for example?


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