Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Disturbing: police find girl's body in a dumpster

Disturbing story from yesterday afternoon: MPD found a girl's body in a dumpster in an alley between 10th, 11th, Fairmont and Sherman. They suspect foul play but there aren't many details so far. The girl is thought to have been 16-18 years old. TBD and the Post have articles.


  1. Here is an update: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/crime-scene/update-on-the-news/police-id-woman-found-in-dc-du.html?hpid=newswell

  2. They "suspect" foul play!? Her body was found in a dumpster! Does it get any fouler than that?

  3. There has been no news on this story since her body was ID'd earlier this month. What gives? This was a pretty horrific murder of a young woman. As a resident of the neighborhood, I'd like to know what the police has discovered. Have there really been no developments, or is the Washington Post not covering it because they think no one cares?


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