Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Burgers delivered to your home!

Photo from the Post
Pizza delivery, Chinese delivery, burger delivery? Yup, you can order delivery burgers in our neighborhood. Desperado's, the newish spot on U Street that replaced Polly's (RIP) apparently delivers to the whole neighborhood: I tested a bunch of addresses as far north as the Red Derby and they all seemed to be in the delivery area. You might want to double check your house though.

Pretty sweet. Not that U Street is far to walk, but sometimes you just feel lazy. Unfortunately you can't order delivery beer too.

And best yet, the burgers are pretty tasty. Hat tip to U Street Girl for letting me know about this via Twitter.


  1. Just what our fat lazy citizens need..Get off the friggen couch and go out to get your greasy burger...

  2. I'd appreciate a post on the preferred delivery options in Columbia Heights. We love Thaitanic but I don't like that pizza seems to be our only other option.

  3. Good idea anon #2. Let me look into it.

  4. the following deliver( some have a min $$ order fee)
    City lights
    Regents Thai
    Johti (indian from AM)
    Greek spots

  5. thaiphoon now delivers. jyoti is also good.

    real question is: are these burgers any good?

  6. The site that Desperado's uses for its delivery service has tons of restaurants that will deliver to CH.

  7. Check out this blog that chronicles the burger at Desperado's as well as a few others... save your money. There are better burgers in the area.

  8. That may be, but do they deliver to Columbia Heights?

  9. Why would you want a crappy burger delivered?


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