Monday, October 18, 2010

Work in the old Mayorga/Nori spot in the Tivoli

Looks like something might be going into the vacant Mayorga/Nori spot in the Tivoli. The other day I received a note from a reader who said there was a man in a suit being shown the space, and yesterday when I walked by it looked like they were demolishing the insides.

I haven't heard what this is, but I'd assume it's some kind of food establishment. Let's hope it's a good spot and it survives -- it seems like that space is a black hole for businesses, as Mayorga failed, Mayorga with a Korean menu failed, and Nori failed. It is kind of an awkward space, with a small front area, little hallway to a bigger area, then another small upstairs area. However, it looks like they opened up the wall between the front part and the second part, maybe that will help.


  1. PoP reports Z Burger is taking over the space. Blech.

  2. Z Burger? What's that?


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