Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wonderland graffiti is back

In case you were worried, the graffiti-free, freshly painted red walls of the Wonderland bathrooms have rapidly become a canvas again. This one was upstairs, but there are some downstairs too.

There's one I've seen before and is back now, which I don't understand: it says "Seen two bear" and has a date, 2/19/09, plus one is actually a sticker with bears on it. Apparently this is the website, which doesn't help at all. Anybody have any idea? Not exactly Earth-shattering, just curious.


  1. What a waste of a website! What use is a single page site with just a pic and no links? Have no idea what it's about.

  2. Man...I'd hate to have seen two bear on 2/19/09...especially on bikes...

  3. Your all morons...

  4. Well, actually YOU'RE the moron.


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