Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Watch out: backyard thefts on the rise around 11th and Euclid?

Cadets Mahoney and Thompson
Better make sure your backdoor fence is locked. A couple of days ago there were some messages on the Columbia Heights listserve about people stealing a bike from a backyard near 11th and Euclid. Another neighbor had two Adirondack chairs stolen from their backyard between Euclid and Clifton behind 11th.

Sounds like if you live in that area, you should make sure you lock up your backyard and any stuff there, and maybe install some kind of motion light or camera. Probably not a bad idea no matter where you live.

Also, make sure you report any crime or suspicious activity to the police, no matter how minor. MPD officers have often said in community meetings that even if they aren't able to stop the crime in progress, they won't know it's happening if you don't report it. The more crimes that are reported in area, the more MPD will focus on that area.


  1. I lived near Columbia Heights in the Petworth neighborhood and my bike was stolen from my front porch, while chained. Definitely lock your fences & protect your property from these idiots who have nothing better to do than steal.

    Remember to get a REAL seat lock for your bike as well. Many bikes purchased from Target have those 'auto-release' levers which make the seats easy to steal. I learned that the hard way.

  2. We actually had a BREAK-IN at our basement apartment yesterday near Columbia and 11th. Not sure if they picked or pried the lock, but two laptops, cash/change, and jewelry were stolen along with our digital cameras. Police came and filed a report, took photos and even dusted for finger prints. Doubtful anything will turn up, but it's always a good idea to file a report. Sad day for us in Columbia Heights. :(

  3. Sad day? I live in the neighborhood noted in the article. This crap has been going on all year. We are now the highest crime area in the city.
    Yay, Columbia Heights!

  4. even if your backyard gate is locked lock your bike too. we learned this the hard way.
    our back fence has a bamboo screen running across it so seeing in to the yard is hard, and the bikes were under our deck. They either scoped us or just took a chance and jumped the fence during the day to find their xmas presents.

  5. Good point, most recent anon. Thanks, and sorry to hear that.

  6. Bikes were stolen off the front porch of TWO of my neighbors. We live on 16th ST between Oak and Spring. They were chained up really well from my understanding.

    Personally though, don't lock your bike outside. Bring it in. If it's worth stealing then it's worth too much to leave it outside to the rain, snow, and dirt that will destroy the bike quickly over time.

  7. Not to blame the victim, but if you leave your bike outside, it is going to be stolen. If you leave it outside locked, pieces will be stolen off it. That is true anywhere in the city -- just look at all the stripped bike carcasses around town still locked to posts -- and it's true in the suburbs. My first bike was stolen from me when I was a kid, out of my parents' yard in Chevy Chase. Bring it inside. If you leave it outside, make sure it's a clunker you're willing to lose.


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