Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tynan celebrating 1 year anniversary

Nice to see this: popular local coffee shop Tynan Coffee and Tea is celebrating it's first anniversary on the 16th. They'll have giveaways, samples, and live music from 2-4pm from Rene Moffatt.

I'm a fan of Tynan, especially since they're enforcing their wifi policy. It's a nice spot to get a coffee, an all-day waffle, or a sandwich. The breakfast ones are pretty good. Stop by if you haven't been.


  1. waffles are great. sandwiches are beyond awful.

  2. thanks for the heads up! i used to live right by there but i've moved, i'll definitely have to make it back up on saturday. love the pumpkin spice chai, hopefully it's back now that fall is here!

  3. Definitely my fav spot in CH for coffee, waffles and cupcakes!

    Love the look/feel too.


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