Friday, October 15, 2010

Target grocery store opens Sunday

Are you ready for another source for groceries? I am. The Target grocery store, complete with produce and what other grocery stores carry, is opening this Sunday. Friends have told me that they've seen workers installing equipment and such, so unlike other grocery stores (Ellwood Thompson's) this is actually happening.

What do you think?


  1. It was open earlier this week.

  2. And looks great! I lived in Omaha for 4 years where they have Super Targets everywhere. Target + Groceries = :)

  3. Until they stop giving $$$ to conservative candidates, I WONT be enjoy their groceries or other sundries.


  4. They didn't give money to conservative candidates, they gave money to a group who supports both conservative and liberal candidates. I am a liberal and I say go check your facts and don't listen to what groups have been telling you. Can't wait for the grocery store so I can give Target even more business.

  5. Absolutely thrilled to have somewhere besides Giant to buy groceries in the neighborhood. (I can never get to the farmer's market, so that doesn't count.)

  6. Anon -- Obviously your rights are secure and this is not on your liberal radar. I am with b.
    1. MN Forward is a pro-business, corporate-funded group backing Republican candidate Tom Emmer for governor of Minnesota. It is also supporting a bipartisan group of candidates for the state Legislature. It had raised nearly $1.2 million by the time of the state primary elections on Aug. 10, 2010.
    2. A campaign contribution to a well-known anti-gay politician in Minnesota has become a rather large public relations nightmare for Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel--and the store now faces boycotts and backlash from the gay community.

    Target's Chief Executive Steinhafel said gay employees have been concerned about the money helping state Rep. Tom Emmer, who opposes gay marriage. Target gave $150,000 to MN Forward, a group staffed by former insiders from outgoing Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty's administration. MN Forward is running TV ads supporting Emmer.

    The Associated Press reports that Emmer is a fiery conservative who lauds Arizona's strict approach to illegal immigration, once advocated chemical castration for sex offenders and wants to lower taxes. His profile contrasts with Target's moderate image in Minnesota, where the company is known for donating to public school programs, food pantries and the annual Twin Cities Gay Pride Festival.

  7. "It is also supporting a bipartisan group of candidates for the state Legislature."

    Yes this is true, and some of these candidates support gay marriage/gay rights. But remember the group is a pro-business group and has nothing to do with gay marriage/gay rights. This is where I say this has been blown up into something it shouldn't be.

  8. Ellwoods needs to go away .... they have neither the will or the capital to invest in the COLUMBIA HEIGHTS neighborhoods .... booo to Ellwoods ... lets get Trader Joe's

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