Thursday, October 28, 2010

A story about a big Halloween party in the neighborhood

Photo by Lindsey Wray
Halloween is upon us, and freelance writer Lindsey Wray contacted me about a big Halloween party she's writing about in the neighborhood. It's a house party thrown by neighborhood resident Elle Becker, who goes all out: various theme rooms like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, mock decapitated heads, a Bates Motel sign,  some themed catering (powdered Nutella "dirt" and worms, beef that looks like a severed arm) and much more. Here's the first part of the article, the rest is on Lindsey's blog.
The nicest compliment people could give Elle Becker this Saturday is to tell her that she’s one sick f***.

She’d like it if people raise their eyebrows and believe something is seriously wrong with her.
So she said on an October afternoon as she tinkered with a flashing red object in a jar labeled ‘heart of bat.’

Judging by her preparations two weeks before her Halloween party, Becker is well on her way to achieving the reaction she seeks.

Becker, 36, is hosting her third Halloween party in four years on Saturday night, and the cauldron of ideas in her head is bubbling over.

Her decoration collection alone would rival any Halloween superstore: stuffed snakes from a taxidermist, a blood-splattered chainsaw that plays loud whirring noises, and rubbery body parts with bones jutting out are just a few of the ghoulish items that bring a smile to Becker’s face.

And surely the decapitated heads in her foyer are deterring any would-be thieves in her Columbia Heights townhouse.

“I don’t have to go insane,” she said, “but if I do have life-size mummies in the living room, it’s fun.”
Check out the rest of the article, which sounds pretty wild. Becker rents a storage unit to keep all her decorations in, for example. That's some dedication! Any big Halloween parties in your plans?


  1. Much bigger and more extravagant party occurs each year in the Petworth neighborhood. From the sounds of it, hers doesn't even compare.

  2. Elle's party sounds really great. But there is another party in Columbia Heights that is now in its fourth year.

    I encourage you all to check it out at

    It's a tad more elaborate than Elle's - last year they had a coffin to convey their séance theme, they put a boat in their living room and turned their staircase into a lighthouse for Tastefully Scary 2. This year, for Tastefully Scary 4, while most of the theme is under wraps - it seems as though its being turned into a barn.


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