Friday, October 1, 2010

Sports Zone sneaker store coming to DCUSA

A reader tipped me off that there's a sign next to the Staples saying "Sports Zone coming soon." Sports Zone is a local chain of "lifestyle footwear and apparel" stores with about 20 locations in the area, including the one on M Street in Georgetown, pictured. They seem to have mostly athletic shoes plus jeans, t-shirts, caps and such, judging from their website.

I'm ambivalent about this place, though I hope it doesn't hurt Nash's Sports, a smaller chain up in the Tivoli building north of Park Road.

I've bought a few things at the Georgetown location, they often have pretty good sales. 


  1. I'm down for small businesses, but Nash's is garbage.

  2. A thug emporium!!! Sweet. I hope they have security, because this place will get shoplifted every single day.

  3. I second the earlier post. Nash's is worthless, and could use some competition

  4. actually with a 250,000 to projected 400,000 a month store and a .09 shrink with no cameras and no alarms nor security...this place is a machine by our companies standard


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