Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some work at Meridian Hill Park underway

From ANC commish Brianne K. Nadeau's comes news that Meridian Hill Park is undergoing some refurbishment. Here's what's happening, from Nadeau:
Right now we’re also waiting for the beautiful police lodge and bathrooms to re-open after a snafu with the plumbing up there. I’m told the bathrooms will open soon... We’re going to have a ribbon cutting ceremony, because as I said to the Acting Superintendent, bathrooms are super important. 
Another part of the restoration of Meridian Hill Park includes the reinforcement of the west wall of the upper level. This is a project funded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. While the National Park Service originally thought the disruption would be minimal, upon further inspection, they are really going to need to get in there and tear some stuff apart to get the job done and keep the wall safe.
They have to take out some trees, but those will be replaced as soon as possible. Nice to see more attention on Meridian Hill, which is a great resource for the neighborhood. The full details are on Nadeau's website.

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